Fleet Management

When it comes to Fleet Management Systems (FMS), Elite Tech is one of the first companies to implement such systems in the State of Qatar back in 2005 when fleet management was just a concept of a cell phone and paper, nowadays and with the fast business growth in Qatar, which automatically led in the growth of all companies' fleets across the country and that will definitely require a sophisticated yet user friendly FMS to manage those more effectively.


Some of the modules we present to our customers are as follows:


FleetWave (Web Based Solution)

  • World's first web-based enterprise fleet management system
  • Flexible high-end management solution
  • Developed using the latest web technologies
  • Multiple location and multi-national operations
  • Used by major blue-chip organisations across the globe
  • The most powerful and versatile fleet management system available
  • Powerful additional functionality including:
    • Driver expenses and authorization system; Vehicle selector tool for configuring replacement cars; Maintenance Control Center module; Manager Approval portal; Vehicle sales and auction tool; plus many more
    • Purchase or 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) License options

RoadBASE (Windows Based Solution)

  • Desktop/Networked solution
  • Aimed at the medium-sized fleets
  • Can be adapted to meet your specific needs without reprogramming
  • Multiple versions available including:
    • Workshop management; Accident management; Contract and Leasing management


  • Web-based solution
  • Save thousands a year by properly managing mileage
  • Streamline damage reports
  • Approval and escalation


Portable Devices & Scanners

  • Stock/inventory control made simple
  • Service Operations management
  • Technicians can input directly into the software, removing paper and data entry
  • Increased efficiency and improved accuracy of data
  • Stock checks and Inventory control made easy
  • Remote access for drivers to report Expenses, Accidents, even request a rental car, all possible with our software
  • SMS/Text messaging and links with external websites allows one package to offer the complete solution across the whole operation