Assets Tracking

Asset Tracking System Overview 

Passport for asset tracking with barcode scanning gives you intuitive management tools for complete tracking control of inventory and equipment. Our system is customizable, barcode-based and RFID-capable, to keep track of equipment deployed to your employees, fleet vehicles, company tools, and more.


Stock Inventory System with Barcode Technology


Fixed Asset Management

  • IT - Electronic Equipment

  • Motor Vehicles

  • Construction tools

  • Medical equipment

  • Furniture and Office

  • Equipment

  • Machinery

  • Fixtures

  • Supplies

Track Documents

  • Delivery Receipts

  • Documents

  • Medical Records

  • Financial Records

  • Legal Records

Track People

  • Work Hours

  • Presence at Site Locations

  • Patients

  • Employees


Passport Asset Tracking System

If you need to manage your equipment data in an enclosed and secure environment, then Passport for asset tracking is right for you. Our equipment tracking tools make your life easier by providing a complete management and tracking system, with barcode scanners and smartphone capabilities, that will improve your operational efficiency, allowing you to direct employees to spend their time and resources building business.

Passport for Assets

Make your life easier by using our Passport inventory and asset tracking tools with barcode technology.


Key Benefits of our Asset Tracking System

  • Immediate access to equipment and inventory location

  • Simplify government mandated record keeping

  • Increased accountability and control with barcode scanning tools

  • Reduce costs by allocating idle equipment

  • Elimination of high error incidences in book-based tracking

  • Eliminate missed maintenance schedules

  • Account for lost and misplaced equipment

  • Reduce time for physical inventory management

  • Rapid payback of system cost